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ZUBOR is located in the Guyang Industrial Park in southern Jiangsu, covering an area of 60 acres, and about 20,000 square metres of workshops and warehouses. This region is historically famous for manufacturing decoration tools and hardware. The paint brushes and hand tools produced in the region are exported around the world under many brands of domestic and foreign customers. In the beginning of the 21st century,  modern technology brought a new wave of high-tech manufacturing to the region, and ZUBOR joined this trend bringing its knowledge and experience to a new level.

The three main divisions of ZUBOR reflect the historic legacy and the development of the technical processes of the company.

the first division has over 26 years of production experience in traditional and modern painting tools;

the second division has 20 years of production of plastic injection products, hardware tools, and molds;

the third division, established in 2015, manufactures power tools and power tool accessories (drills and drill bits).

Since 1995, the company has grown from a small factory with around 20 workers into an enterprise with more than 200 employees.



Power tools and accessories (drills and drill bits)

Plastic injection products, hardware tools and molds

Paint brushes and paint rollers


ZUBOR's target is to provide one-stop procurement, customization, and processing basing on clients' needs.



The sustainable technological development is steadily increasing the automation level of ZUBOR manufacturing units. The unique equipment applied throughout the production line maximizes the output capacity and reduces the labor costs and the margins of error.

The Mold and Machinery Design and Processing Department ensures the compliance of the production process with the high standards and requirements of the domestic and international markets.


Human Resources

ZUBOR is dedicated to the recruitment, education, and training of talents in the industry, essential for to provide for the advanced product quality and production efficiency.

Currently, 10 professional engineers and 12 line managers are maintaining the vitality of the company through long-term cooperation with recruitment and training institutions in China.



The company is consistent in the implementation of the management system, which provides for the efficient operations in all stages of planning, research and development, manufacturing, storage, and delivery. The elaborated quality control chain ensures the stable quality of all products developed and manufactured in ZUBOR.

Standardized daily operations and a creative approach contribute to the optimal results and helps to find solutions to any emerging issues.


Customer Relations

The strong long-term relations with the customers is the primary value of ZUBOR's personnel and management. Respect, fairness, and accuracy are the basic elements for building mutually rewarding relationships.


We, the team of ZUBOR, are proud to create the products that match the highest demands of our customers.


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